Monday, July 24, 2017

Game the Gamer

Most of you may know I regularly appear on three podcasts - The GAR! Podcast, The Make Mine Magic Podcast, and Nerdfect Strangers. Recently, Nerdfect Strangers hosted Noah Houlihan of the Plus Two Comedy Podcast. Co-host Jerry Whitworth and I actually were guests on that podcast several months ago, you can hear that here, but when Noah came to us last week, he was promoting his new YouTube game - Game the Gamer.

Similar to "Cutthroat Kitchen," only with videogames. Contestants bid for bizarre controllers to play videogames they've never played before. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. Noah is currently running a Kickstarter to do more episodes, buy weirder controllers, and have more sophisticated and cooler games and episodes. To hear more about Game the Gamer, check out the latest Nerdfect Starngers here to hear all about Noah's Kickstarter. Please pledge, the show rocks.

You can check out the pilot episode below:

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