Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Silverball 4: The Shadow

Now anyone who knows me knows what a big fan of The Shadow I am. I love the pulps, the comics, the serials, and the radio shows. I even loved the 1994 movie. Yes, there was some terrible stuff in there, but there was also a great amount they got right. Of course like any potential blockbuster, there was a lot of merchandising - like this pinball machine.

This Midway machine was designed by Brian Eddy with art by Doug Watson based on the movie. Over and above the silly and awkward shooter shaped like one of The Shadow's trademark .45 pistols, the game features three flippers, two playfields, optical targeting, and gameplay that followed a story. It was pretty advanced for the time I'm told.

The game is fun to look at, fun to watch someone else play, but as with most games - I suck at it. But still, it's The Shadow, and it's awesome, one of the best parts of the visit to the Silverball Museum.

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