Monday, August 24, 2015

Freemium, Flintstones, and Family Guy

Regular readers here know of my addiction to Simpsons Tapped Out, but that's not the only freemium game of that type out there, nor is it the only one I'm playing. I'm talking about two other animated series, one an inspiration and the other a frenemy of "The Simpsons," yeah, I'm talking about "The Flintstones" and "Family Guy."

The "Family Guy" game, officially and sarcastically (keeping with the spirit of the show) called Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. In the plot of the game, the show is cancelled and a battle between Peter Griffin and Ernie the Giant Chicken (never knew he had a name until I looked it up for this post) destroys the town of Quahog. Much like Tapped Out, you are tasked with rebuilding the town.

To its credit, it's easier to get 'stuff' in this game than others, but I actually found myself bored after a while. Sarcasm only works in small doses, it's like spending more than a day at Universal. Later versions have the Star Trek Next Gen characters and actors involved, so maybe a return trip to Quahog might be in order.

The Flintstones hold a bit more power over me as I continue to play that one. Officially called The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock, it is just like the other two freemium games, only with the hangings of that cartoon. Bedrock has been destroyed by a meteor shower (a little close for comfort) and Fred and company have to put it back together. Some of it is fun, and some not so fun, I really just want to get Dino. One thing for sure, it's addictive. Either way, I'll still return to my first love, Tapped Out.

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